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Specializing in IRS and NYS Tax Representation. Workers Compensation Audits, Payroll, Sales and Income Tax representation for Businesses, Individuals, Restaurants and Construction Companies. Civil and Criminal Workers Comp Audit representation includes: NYSIF Examinations, Premium Disputes, Employee Misclassification, Underreporting, Unreported Income, and Failure to Keep Accurate Payroll Records.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Salesman Sentenced to Slammer for Tax Evasion


On October 27th 2020 a silver-tonged salesman was sentenced to 24 months in the federal slammer for tax evasion, announced the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Tax Division and the U.S. Attorney. According to court documents and statements made in court, the fast-talking salesman was an “automobile industry consultant” which is a highfaluting way of saying he sold automobile warranties (which isn’t a crime). The nitty-gritty down and dirty happened when he stopped filing tax returns and started attending “Tax Defier” meetings. Apparently, he was so excited about what he heard, that he purchased “Tax Defier” materials, and taking it to heart, began using Nevada nominee corporations to receive his income [and] more importantly, to use those shady Nevada corporations to conceal his income from the IRS. 

Tax Representation 


Specializing in unpaid sales and payroll withholding taxes. We represent individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs before the Internal Revenue Service and New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Negotiating reasonable tax settlements and payment plans since 2006. Consultations are available in person or by telephone and emergency appointments are available upon request. To speak with a Federal Tax Practitioner, CPCU and Attorney call (212) 974-3435 or contact us Online. 

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We successfully challenge large dollar premium assessments, payroll discrepancies, employee misclassification, experience and other rating issues. Specializing in Workers' Compensation and NYSIF audit representation. Most premium disputes are settled within 60 days of our being retained. Assistance with insurance coverage, loss reduction and risk management services. Consultations are available in person or by telephone and emergency appointments are always available. 


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