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Specializing in IRS and NYS Tax Representation. Workers Compensation Audits, Payroll, Sales and Income Tax representation for Businesses, Individuals, Restaurants and Construction Companies. Civil and Criminal Workers Comp Audit representation includes: NYSIF Examinations, Premium Disputes, Employee Misclassification, Underreporting, Unreported Income, and Failure to Keep Accurate Payroll Records.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Truth and Justice "The Art of Negotiating a Good Deal"

If you haven’t filed tax returns, or if you failed to provide documentation to the IRS or New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, you could be subjected to significant civil penalties and criminal prosecution. In a nutshell, failure to file tax returns creates serious financial and legal consequences. If you’ve been accused of willful failure to file a tax return, or if you suspect that you’re being investigated for failing to file tax returns, contact David Selig and Bradley Dorin, Esq. for a confidential and legally privileged consultation.

We successfully resolve most IRS and New York State Tax problems including suspended Drivers Licenses and Passports. 

Specializing in large-dollar Payroll, Sales and Income Tax Representation for Individuals, Professional Practices and Businesses. 

We negotiate excellent Payment Plans, Audits, Offers in Compromise, Payroll & Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, and most other tax issues.

Do you have Unfiled Tax Returns? We can have them prepared and filed for you within 48 hours, guaranteed.  

Schedule a Free and Legally Privileged Consultation with a Federal Tax Practitioner and Attorney by calling (212) 974-3435 or contact us online.

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