Friday, February 9, 2018

Doctor sentenced to 6 months, ordered to pay $105,673 failed to pay over Social Security, Medicare & Employment Taxes

Dr. Nicholas Garritano, 55, has been sentenced to six months in jail and ordered to pay $105,673 after failing to pay over Social Security, Medicare and employment taxes collected from his employees.
During 11 quarters spanning 2009 through 2012, Garritano was president and sole shareholder of the corporation Dr. N.M. Garritano Inc., and was responsible for the corporation’s business and financial operations. He caused the corporation to pay taxable wages and salaries to its employees, from which federal income and FICA taxes were withheld, according to court documents.
Garritano, who previously pleaded guilty in the case, filed quarterly federal forms on behalf of the corporation relating to the employment taxes. Although the corporation withheld substantial employment taxes from the wages of its employees for each quarter, he failed to pay over the full amount of the withheld taxes to the IRS, according to court documents.

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