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Specializing in IRS and NYS Tax Representation. Workers Compensation Audits, Payroll, Sales and Income Tax representation for Businesses, Individuals, Restaurants and Construction Companies. Civil and Criminal Workers Comp Audit representation includes: NYSIF Examinations, Premium Disputes, Employee Misclassification, Underreporting, Unreported Income, and Failure to Keep Accurate Payroll Records.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

MK ULTRA, TAX CRIMES and the ILLUMINATI. Selig & Associates WPIX 11

Tax Representation Our tax practice is limited to representation before the Internal Revenue Service the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and the Department of Justice Tax Division. We successfully resolve all civil and criminal tax issues. We solve income, sales and payroll withholding tax problems. We can prepare and file your missing tax returns in as little as 24 hours. We provide tax and legal representation at IRS audits, criminal examinations and appeal hearings. Release of wage garnishment and bank levy, monthly payment plans, and offers in compromise. For a free and legally privileged consultation call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435 For additional information see Practice Areas

Risk Management Could a sexual harassment claim ruin your business? In today’s litigious environment you need to protect yourself against sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims. We provide legal, insurance and other asset protection strategies for business-owners and medical service providers. By implementing an effective sexual harassment strategy today, you can protect your reputation, your business, and your assets tomorrow. We solve problems before they happen. To schedule a consultation or a comprehensive evaluation of your existing plan call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435 *Our fees are Tax Deductible (IRC §162)

New York City Special Education Advocacy Children with Disabilities need an experienced Advocate and Attorney to protect their rights. Did you know that Children with Special Needs are entitled to a “free and appropriate” education? Did you know that it is illegal for New York City Public Schools to discriminate against children with disabilities?  For a free consultation or a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s case, call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435 *Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Professional Service David Selig and Bradley Dorin, Esq., meet with each and every client personally. We return telephone calls, answer emails and provide our clients with regular updates and status reports. For additional information see About Us

Property Damage David Selig PA, settles large dollar residential and commercial property insurance claims, including business interruption insurance, burglary, fire, windstorm, and losses caused by water damage. For a free consultation call Selig directly (212) 974-3435

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