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Specializing in IRS and NYS Tax Representation. Workers Compensation Audits, Payroll, Sales and Income Tax representation for Businesses, Individuals, Restaurants and Construction Companies. Civil and Criminal Workers Comp Audit representation includes: NYSIF Examinations, Premium Disputes, Employee Misclassification, Underreporting, Unreported Income, and Failure to Keep Accurate Payroll Records.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Selig & Associates is taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to avoid and defeat taxes. For years the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has harassed and abused small businesses without the slightest bit of resistance, says David Selig of Selig & Associates

“Restaurants and bodegas have been an easy target for New York’s overly aggressive Enforcement Agents”

But when they locked down the City and crashed our economy, we saw a tremendous opportunity to “help small business-owners get out from under”. Accordingly, we devised and are implementing a bulletproof strategy that allows small businesses to legally avoid their tax debts. To this end, we are restructuring corporations and helping business-owners walk away from enforceable debts. 

“I don’t hate to say it says Selig, but the shelter-in-place orders, and our strategic tax planning, have given a lot of small business-owners a second chance”

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