Thursday, October 12, 2017

Selig says Harvey Weinstein should not apologize

Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful man, says David Selig of Selig & Associates and if I were advising Harvey I’d tell him not to apologize, because an apology is tantamount to a confession. And while confession may be good for the soul, it surely isn’t good for business. Particularly if the allegations against him are false, or as we say in the Garment District, cut from whole cloth. Accordingly, I’d tell Harvey to get back into the fight; to go on the attack, and to expose his detractors for the liars they are. To this end, Selig suggests that Harvey's accusers are the real sexual predators inasmuch as they tried to barter sex for fame.

Unfortunately, Harvey received lousy advice right from the get-go. He was told to apologize and to run away. In other words, he gave his accusers an inch, and in return, they stole ten miles, says Selig. 

In a meaningful way, Harvey’s situation reminds me of one of our tax cases, inasmuch as they both involve false and embellished allegations. Accordingly, when the IRS or State improperly challenges a permissible position, we fight like hell, and we make it our business to quibble over every dollar. And when one of our clients is accused of a tax crime - they don’t confess (even if they’re guilty). Winners don't confess, and they certainly don’t apologize. They assert their rights, and when necessary, our clients remain absolutely silent. Point of fact: If the Government can’t prove each and every element of the alleged tax crime - then you win and they lose. And based on my experience, I sincerely believe that Harvey can still win this thing. 

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