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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Honest IRS Whistleblowers Testify. “Abuse, Impropriety and Violence” (torn from the pages of recent History)

"On This Day in History"

Three IRS Agents Testified Behind Translucent Screens and Spoke  Through Voice Alteration Machinery. 
Today, Are These Same Three IRS "Whistle-Blowers" are Afraid for Their Lives (and for the Lives of Their Loved-Ones)?

Whistle-Blower Number (1) An IRS Agent [anonymously] testified that over his long career in collections he had seen senior IRS staff and executives "violate or ignore Internal Revenue Manual procedures and Treasury regulations simply because they wanted to punish a taxpayer. I have seen more violations of IRS procedures and policies than I can count. The most appalling aspect of the foregoing examples is that in most every instance, IRS management supported the erroneous actions of the Revenue Officer”.

Whistle-Blower Number (2) A second [anonymous] IRS Agent testified that, "over my 20 years of service, I have become painfully aware of the ability of the IRS to retaliate against employees who dare to speak out. Many of the witnesses you will have before you in this heating [sic] could be retaliated against for their testimony before this Committee. At times, I have been assigned an employee case and been told that management does not like that employee, and I have been told that I need to find something that they can use to terminate their employment. In the IRS, retaliation is swift and severe. I hope you will respect the risk that these witnesses took to appear before you, and protect them from any act of revenge by IRS management”.

Whistle-Blower Number (3) A third [anonymous] IRS Agent testified that he had seen, "tax data being accessed by IRS employees to check on prospective boyfriends; tax data being accessed by IRS employees to check ex-husbands for increasing income in order to receive increased child support payments; tax data being accessed on people with whom IRS employees were having some kind of personal disagreement; tax data being accessed on individuals who are perceived as critical of the IRS, such as tax protestors or, as in one case, a person who had simply written a Letter to the Editor, and tax data being accessed on relatives and acquaintances of the subject taxpayer, such as cases where the taxpayer is suspected of using friends and relatives to hide income or assets; tax data being accessed on potential witnesses in government tax cases, and tax data being accessed on jurors sitting on government tax cases".

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